Bridger Kimball for City Council

Conservative Leadership for Continuing Maricopa's Prosperous Future

We must stand united as a community to keep pushing Maricopa forward in expanding economic sustainability, continuing to provide quality municipal services, as well as helping to continue to establish an excellent quality of life in our city for our citizens. If re-elected to the city council I will continue to be a strong voice for our veteran community, help to bring much needed services to Maricopa, and to ensure we are proactive in making sure that all citizen’s needs are met. I will also continue to be a strong voice for economic development and to ensure your hard earned tax dollars are used for the greater good of our community.

Bridger is ...

  • Marine Corps Veteran
  • Strong proponent for Veterans in Maricopa
  • Realistic conservative leadership
  • Helping to move Maricopa forward
Local control is important - Bridger has shown why!

Bridger Kimball for Maricopa City Council

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